PriMus 45.0

This is a software masterpiece for Bills of Quantities
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The software masterpiece for Bills of Quantities.The best designed interface to make your estimating activities faster and more efficient.

PriMus allows integrated development and processing of all estimating or project management documents, updated with the latest regulatory guidelines, with the automatic generation of:

- bill of quantities (forecasts, resulting costs, work variation surveys, final accounting, quantity estimates, requests for proposal, labour incidence estimate, etc);
- measurement book;
- accounting register;
- cost summary;
- work progress statement;
- payment certificate;
- steel reinforcement bars requirements book;
- price lists;
- comparison table (for work variation surveys, comparison of work progress statements, comparison of multiple design assumptions or proposals, etc.);
- weekly lists of workers, equipment, and costs;
- forms (completion of works, beginning of works, suspensions, resumptions, execution, etc.);
- history management.

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